Grimoire’s Free-To-Play system is based around its classes, 2 of those classes and all of the game’s other features including game modes, spells, and maps are available for free to all Steam users. The 2 free classes will change every few weeks. The only paid content is the game’s classes which can also be unlocked using Arcane Points earned by playing Multiplayer. There are no Pay-To-Win items.

All free users start with access to two classes and can access more classes in four ways:

  1. Unlocking with 3000 Arcane Points.

  2. By purchasing individual class DLCs through Steam for $2.99 (Prices different for some regions).

  3. Purchasing a bundle of all 6 class DLCs through Steam for 25% off.

  4. Waiting a few weeks until the 2 free classes change.

In addition to unlocking classes, Arcane Points are also used to unlock new spells for each class. Arcane Points are awarded at the END of every Multiplayer game on an Official server. Players earn these points for minutes played, being the MVP (top points), and for winning or losing.

What about people who already bought the game?
All Pre-F2P Early Access players have automatically received all class DLCs and a hidden Ultimate Pack so that they will also get any future classes for free. We very much appreciate the support of everyone who bought the game but the change to F2P is necessary for them to have people to play against.

Do people who bought the game before F2P have to unlock the 48 new spells?

How much does it cost to buy a class?
3000 Arcane Points or $2.99 on Steam. A bundle of all the classes is also available at a 25% discount.

Where do I unlock classes and spells?
You must join an Official Grimoire server and visit the Character Select screen. There you will see 2 free classes and 4 greyed out classes. By clicking on the greyed out ones you open a new box where you can either choose to use Arcane Points or be taken to the DLC page on the Steam store. Same thing for spells except you must click on the spell icon.

How do I see how many Arcane Points I have?
Join an Official Multiplayer server and open Character Select, they are displayed in the top left of the screen.

What is the Ultimate Pack?
The original plan was that a “Ultimate Pack” would be available to purchase which would include all classes and any future classes as well as a few bonuses. Unfortunately, we were unable to complete this feature before launch and this is now a hidden package that all Pre-F2P Early Access owners have been given. Using this we will be able to keep track of these users to properly reward them once those features have been added.

Can I buy Gold Mana to make my spells better?
No, Grimoire has NO Pay-To-Win. All players have the same stats and there is no content available to paid users only that can impact gameplay.

I played a game but I didn’t get any Arcane Points from it?
Points are awarded at the end of the match and you must stay until the next map to receive your points.

When will new classes be added?
We have two new classes designed but there is no room in the budget for them at this time. If and when we add new classes, new game modes, and other extra content is entirely based on how well the game sells.

I unlocked all the spells and classes. What can I do with my Arcane Points?
Right now, the answer is nothing but we are planning on adding more unlockable content eventually.

There will be NO Pay-To-Win products. Anything that cannot be earned through game-play will be purely cosmetic and will give no game-play advantage.