The majority of Grimoire’s combat is centered around each player’s base spells which include 4 active skills and one passive skill. In addition each player may pick two selectable spells on the class selection menu. There are two categories Movement and Utility from which the player picks one each to customize their class.

Players then take these classes to one of three game modes: Conquest which is a based on controlling points around larger maps, Free-For-All which is a class deathmatch style game mode on smaller maps, and Safeguard which is a basic and barebones wave survival mode with an objective to defend.

Surprised by the enemy, the Fire player teleports out of danger with his movement spell and casts a Fireball which the enemy Ice mage blocks with his utility spell.
A Fire player attacks from above using Manashift to dodge incoming spells while casting their primary spell and then finishing off the enemy at close range with their secondary spell.

Active Class Spells

Every class has four active spells and one passive spell. In addition to the starting spell each of these spell slots also has two additional spells for a total of 12 active spells per class.

The 4 active spells for each class usually follow these basic designs:
Spell 1 (left click) – Short ranged but high damage. Main source of damage at close range.
Spell 2 (right click) – General use spells and can often be charged. Main source of damage at medium to long range.
Spell 3 (Q) – Advanced class-specific spells which often simply add more damage but sometimes have more tactical uses.
Spell 4 (E) – Ultimate spell which always has a long cool-down but which is balanced by high damage or crowd control or both.

Passive Class Spells

Every class has one passive spell. These spells are unique for each class and help define their core gameplay. Knowing the class passive spells is key to understanding how best to fight with allies but also how to best defeat enemies. For example, Earth’s passive spell is reliant on their ability to manage Mana, if you are a Nether player you can counter Earth by targeting them with a Mana draining spell.

Nature’s passive spell gives her a second chance at life. All she has to do is survive as a rabbit in the middle of a battle. 

Customizable Classes

Each class starts off with the current four Active spells and one passive spell. In the last few months we have added 48 new active class spells so that players can fully customize each class to their preferred play style and role. While some of the new progression spells generally follow the same design patterns as the starting spells others are completely different. Want to change Lightning into a short range burst DPS class? You can do it! Bored of just healing as Nature? Add a few damage spells and join the fight!

Damage Ranges and Types

Most class spells have a range of base damage potential. This means that most spells (Some ultimates are excluded) base damage can vary. In addition to this there is a lot of AOE (Area of Effect) damage in Grimoire. This can also cause the damage these spells do to vary based on how far away the target is from the location the spell hits. Direct hits cause the most damage but catching an enemy with the edge of an AOE will still do significant damage. AOE can be utilized by aiming for the enemies feet at close range or at an object near them or behind them (if they are on high ground you can often hit a building or object near them).

Using all three Manashifts and Blink a player can very quickly travel a great distance.


There are three types of movement:
1) Running (W,A,S,D) – Only one speed.
2) Manashift (W,A,S,D + Shift) – Only use for Mana. Each player can Manashift three times before needing to recharge. Can be used mid-air or on ground.
3) Movement Selectable Spell (F) – Customizable on the Class selection screen.

By using Manashift and movement spells players can dodge incoming spells, move around the map quickly, gain high ground on an opponent, escape from a bad fight, or charge the enemy. The default movement spell is Teleport and can be used by pressing F and is perfect for doing any of the above.

Movement is a very important part of Grimoire combat. By using Manashifts along with Blink a great amount of distance can be traveled in kist a few seconds. But beware using all movement skills at once as they take time to recharge during which time you are more vulnerable to attack.