Conquest is inspired by some of our favorite games like Day of Defeat, Team Fortress 2, and the Battlefield series but with our own twist.

Players are divided into two teams: Validus (Blue) and Mangus (Red) and fight for control over powerful magic ley-lines which when controlled serve as a teleport back into battle.Every player starts in a basic spawn room and then can enter the map by traveling through the teleporter which takes you to the ley-line (control point) closest to the central point which your team controls.

Controlling ley-lines gives points to your team and the first to 1500 points wins (or the team with the most points when times runs out).
Recommended players: 8-16


Free-For-All (Deathmatch) is a classic game mode which takes place on smaller maps and is a perfect way to learn the basics of the game before entering an objective based game mode. This game mode puts every wizard against each other.  10 minute map time. First to 15 points wins.
Recommended Players: 2-8


Survival is a basic wave survival mode with an objective to defend.

A powerful Necromancer has summoned an army of the dead and the city of Orinfell has fallen. With the help of a local militia you were able to hold back the undead tides long enough for many of the citizens to attempt escape. As they flee through the ancient catacombs beneath the Church it is up to you to hold the door.

With multiple difficulty levels this game-mode is a good place for new players to test out new spells, classes, and learn the basics of combat in a fun and challenging offline setting. Please keep in mind it is still in development and is the least finished of all the game modes.
Recommended Players: 1