Movement and Utility Spells

In addition to class spells, each player may also pick two selectable spells from the class selection menu. There are two categories Movement and Utility from which the player picks one each to customize each class. The default spells are an aimed teleport and a spell shield that surrounds the player, blocking a single source of damage.

After picking a class players also have the option (Bottom-right of screen) to choose a movement spell and a utility spell (Default is Teleport and Spell Shield). These play an active role in movement, defense, and combat. This is where players can customize each class to their preferred role and/or play styles.


Movement spells allow players to dodge incoming spells, move around the map more quickly, gain high ground on an opponent, escape from a bad fight, or charge the enemy. The default movement spell is Blink and is perfect for doing any of the above.
The default movement spell key is “F”.


Teleports the player from their current location to another based on where your crosshair is aimed. Blink is most commonly used to dodge incoming spells, travel around the map more quickly, and to control high ground. Many maps also have places where you can teleport over various obstacles or even buildings to surprise enemies.


Celerity has a short cooldown and can be used to give your character a boost of speed for a short time. Most commonly used to dodge incoming spells and gain a sustained movement advantage in a fight.


Juxtapose is a projectile spell which the caster can teleport to as it travels by pressing the movement spell key again. Most commonly used similarly to Teleport but gives the player more options. Can even be used mid combat to dodge multiple incoming spells.


Repel detonates a kinetic blast of energy at the target location that will knockback enemies and yourself. Most commonly used to “rocket jump” by jumping and casting at feet or to knock players off of the map or into another spell.


Many utility spells have been designed to be used defensively in reaction to enemy players. For example, the default spell, Spellshield can be used to block incoming damage or Stoneskin to absorb all the damage of a enemy player’s ultimate spell. Others can be used to trap or discourage enemies. For example, you can lure enemies into Chains of Binding to trap an enemy or block a huge amount of damage from one direction with Arcane Barrier.
The default utility spell key is “R”.

Chains of Binding

Chains of Binding places a trap at the aimed location. Enemies caught in the trap are then surrounded by a wall of magical energy which can only be escaped by using a movement spell like Teleport or Juxtapose (or bouncing out with Repel). Players can only have one trap out a time.

Arcane Barrier

Arcane Barrier places an impenetrable shield in front of the caster which absorbs all damage and blocks movement.


Spellshield creates a shield that absorbs damage from a single source and removes debuffs effects. Lasts up to 3 seconds.


Stoneskin turns the caster’s skin to stone for a short time and prevents all incoming damage but also reduces your movement speed. This spell can be retriggered to cancel the effect early.