Lighting uses electricity to strike down his enemies from afar or revitalize and energize allies giving health and movement bonuses.


At it’s core Nether is all about control. Control over space, ley-lines, and paths. And of course control over players.


Fire is extremely effective at attacking groups, controlling large areas, and supporting the fight with consistent high damage.


Life is Grimoire’s main healing class but foes would be wise to beware her thorns. Through a mix of directed healing, targeted Area-of-Effect healing, and self-centered Area-of-Effect healing she can easily alter the course of a battle.


Earth is a medium to close range damage dealer with great survivability. His passive spell gives damage reduction in relation to his current mana which adds a level of toughness not seen in other classes.


Ice excels at close ranged disabling area damage. He might fall after Teleporting into the middle of the enemy team but the chaos from his huge area damage and movement slowing spells will leave his killers as easy targets.